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Dish Network deals, $24.99/mo for 120 all-digital channels HD Free For Life Free DVR Upgrade Free HBO-Showtime

Is Dish Network better Than Cable? 

For most people, long gone are the days of off-air antennas. But if you think cable TV is the best alternative, you should learn more about the advantages of DISH satellite television. Join the millions who are switching to DISH Network. You'll see why satellite is the fastest growing broadcast sector -- simply, Satellite TV is better than cable.

If you are currently a cable subscriber, consider these benefits:

  • Better reception
  • More channels for the same price
  • Free in-home installation by professional DISH Network installers
  • Exclusive DISH Network programming
  • 100% all-digital signal

Compare Satellite TV Reception Quality
Satellite TV has no "snow." While cable companies talk about digital cable, the truth is that most of their channels are analog. Analog often means a fuzzy picture. By contrast, DISH Network signals do not degrade into fuzzy or snowy pictures. Reception is much better with Satellite TV.

Plus, there is no need to worry that the crew digging up your street to repair the neighborhood sewer line is going to cut your connection. Satellite TV service is more reliable than land-based services and your equipment is on your property.

Cable versus Satellite TV Programming
Satellite TV offers 200-plus channels and more high-definition television programming (HDTV), giving you more content than cable. All satellite TV channels are broadcast in digital format for the highest quality picture and sound.

DISH Network is the home of the best sports and movies in HD as well as the best HD DVR in the industry. 

Compare Satellite TV Costs
Satellite TV is often lower cost than cable, has more options, and offers free installation. Cable can't do that. When you order through DISH Satellite you can get great deals on 100% digital channels, and free equipment and installation in up to 3 rooms. If your equipment needs maintenance or repair, our preferred provider will send a professional installer to your home.

Free Satellite Dish Equipment
DISH Network gives you all the equipment you need to enjoy dish TV programming at no cost, plus a free digital video recorder (DVR).

A DVR allows the TV experience to be interactive. You can stop, pause or rewind live television. With cable, you need to pay an extra fee or purchase your own DVR.

Why Wait. Order Your Dish TV Today!
Now is a great time to order DISH Network. Millions of consumers are leaving cable to enjoy the better quality and better value of satellite TV, and the major satellite service providers are bending over backwards to win customers by offering specials deals and freebies to new customers. Why wait?


Free Satellite TV!

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